Why It Seems Dogs Are Always Getting Ear Mites

No matter how strict we are in taking care of our little furry pet, some creatures, such as the pesky little ear mites, seem to always find a way back and thrive in their bodies. These creatures, as small as they can be, pose a serious threat to the dog’s overall health.

The first sign that you might notice when your dog has a possible ear mite infestation is when they frequently scratch and or shake their ears, in an attempt to remove something that which they cannot reach. They love to feed on the wax and oils that are found inside the dog’s ears, enough to cause your dog to constantly scratch. Though they do not directly cause skin damage through biting, they can contribute still to the secondary damage due to the canine’s claws.

Though there are a lot of treatments, including home remedies for ear mites in dogs, the best way to solve the problem is to treat the root cause, right?

Facts about ear mites:

  • They are tiny little creatures running on 8 legs that live on or under the animals’ skin. They cause intense itching to the afflicted animal.
  • They usually infect the younger generation.
  • They are considered to be the most common cause of ear infections in pets.
  • They are easily transmitted to other household pets.
  • Commonly comes from outside environments, particularly in areas of poor hygiene and stress to dogs (animal shelters and/or pet shops)

Among the facts that has been told about ear mites, we can conclude that ear mites thrive in a poorly maintained living area of our pets. It all boils down to hygiene. As responsible pet owners, it is also part of our responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of our pet’s living area.

No matter how stringent we are with maintaining our dog’s cleanliness, if we fail to include the environment as well, for sure these pesky little creatures will always be back with a vengeance.