Home Use Drug Testing Kits: What They’re Good For

What’s the point of home test kits for drugs? Shouldn’t you use the tests provided to you by your company? Or avail of the tests in reputable labs? For the same reason that the home pregnancy test is useful for learning about pregnancies without necessarily consulting a doctor, so too can you test if you can fail a job interview due to drugs in your system. Home drug testing kits, unlike war, are good for a lot of reasons. Meanwhile, what is war good for? Absolutely nothing, that’s what. These tests exist in order to show if traces of an illicit or prescription drug can be found in your system, particularly when it comes to your urine. They’re effective in detecting a load of drugs, from marijuana to ecstasy and many other illegal or recreational drug types.

Drugs of Abuse Home Use Test

  • Home Drug Test Accuracy: Home tests for drugs are fairly accurate but obviously not as accurate as the more intense and complex lab tests. However, a home test can allow you to know what’s going on with your samples for testing at the start before you have to wait for the more accurate and sensitive laboratory findings to come out. The tests are altogether quite sensitive to drug presence in urine with a margin of error allotted for false positives that should be clarified through the lab test.
  • Presumptive or Preliminary Test Result: The preliminary or presumptive results are usually screened by the home drug urine test. In other words, if you have zero amount of drugs in your system, then right from the start the home test will immediately tell you that this is the case, leading to a presumptive or preliminary positive test result that can be further tested in the lab through a more advanced and more expensive second test to make sure if you do really have drugs.
  • Drugs Screened: The home urine test for drugs of abuse screens loads of illicit drugs or prescription medications such as Valium or Oxycodone. If you’re undergoing a drug screening test, make sure to tell the tester that you’re taking prescription drugs for medicinal purposes so that you won’t be accused of using such drugs for non-medical or recreational reasons, like popping your parents’ morphine pills as your sleeping pills even without prescription.