Kayla Itsines Takes The BBG To A New Level With “Stronger”

Are you in love with programs created by Kayla Itsines? This is no surprise because just so many people have been trying out her successful BBG program and have said nothing but praises about it. Following the success of her initial program that ran for three years, comes a new and improved program that focuses on weight training; this is called the BBG Stronger program. One of the things that people can expect from this program is the presence of lifting weights and improving the strength of the body. What makes this program special is that it doesn’t only aim to make you look fit and healthy, but also helps develop muscles and strength.

Making Your Way To Try Out The New Program
Fitness goals are the thing nowadays. Not only because people want to look good, but because they also want to feel good and probably live a longer and healthier life. The new BBG Stronger is available with the popular BBG program and can be found in the SWEAT app. This program has been cleverly designed to help women feel a lot more comfortable with weights at the gym. The program gives you video tutorials on how you can properly use the equipment like the smith machine and cables and the leg press. If you have wanted to try these out before, then this is the best way to grab the opportunity.

Similar to the previous BBG Guide, the Stronger version focuses on twenty-eight-minute resistance session that can last two to three times per week. One thing you can expect would be to sweat twice as much. This program is for all the women who are in need of variety, flexibility as well as support for their health and fitness goals. You can expect new and better programs that aim to strengthen your body and at the same time make you feel more empowered and confident about yourself.